Digital Political Campaign Adapting to new normal

Digital Campaign for Politicians in India: Mantra of Success

Apart from being a worthy political candidate, one has to organise better digital political campaigns in India for success and branding. We at ZSDIGITAL, specialize in Digital Marketing for politicians in India, we focus on target audience, which is very important for political party(ies) or candidate(s) to gain the attention of the potential voters. Though a voter is absolutely entitled to keep his vote confidential, there are quite a few indicators that may help predict whom a voter is inclined to vote for.

Social media political campaign has the power to swing the votes in favour of specific party or candidate, if performed professionally, creating an emotional, psychological trend towards the candidate or party. You can take for example, General Election-2019 of India – ‘Pulwama attack’ episode brought Nationalism, Patriotism on the front of voters, and subsided all other issues like de-monetisation, GST etc.

ZSDIGITAL is, a political digital Campaign agency in India, has developed a political model that takes the entire holistic picture into consideration rather than just the last of the touch points for the enumerated voters. The point to be noted is that both the digital marketing as well as politics aim at convincing the people to undertake a desired activity. It may include purchasing a product or voting for you.

Key Aspects Of Digital Media Campaign

Profile creation on digital media domain

We keep you active on all social digital media platforms as well as keep you active on your social media handles and help you establish your image through dialogue with the people of the area. It is the most prominent and most important place of digital media. The details of which we are able to tell you below.

Better engagement with people in the area

Through digital media, we can run our campaign campaign as per the demographics of our voters and contact them, doing so will reduce our election budget and save our time too.

Staying in direct contact with voters

Through digital media campaigns, a large number of voters who use small mobile phones have access to them.

Video film medium

Under this process, we connect the people of our region through WhatsApp campaign and also show your short film to YouTube users and also reach the public through viral videos. Video film seems to be working as an important tool in elections today.

Daily news and events updates

Under this process, we understand the timelines on our social profiles and make good posters everyday and upload them on social media. Due to regular connectivity with voters, this system proves to be effective and all voters, because already active on social media. In such a situation, by getting our posters, banners regularly, an attachment is made to a voter.

Process management and voters’ feedback

It serves to handle all voters and their comments. It is also an important part of the constituency. The Election Care team helps you in this campaign with utmost care.

Social Media Political Campaign Strategy & Impact on Indian Politics

The Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc., have produced a dramatic change in the manner the political campaigns are undertaken.

Social Media can and does play a decisive role to make a political party or candidate get the majority of the votes.

The youth, apart from being tech savvy is fond of being continuously updated and the same holds true when polling takes place! (In every election, tilt of Youths have been decisive in winning the election.)

Facebook is known to have produced a remarkable impact on the polls in 260 of the 543 Indian constituencies (General Election – 2019 report).

With a few tips as listed below, Digital Marketing may prove to be even more effective

The Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc., have produced a dramatic change in the manner the political campaigns are undertaken.

Social Media political campaign strategy i.e. Running a campaign at a Social Media e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Launching your own website and conveying to the world around, the contribution that you have been making for the entire society (Note: We also provide SEO services to rank website.)

Campaigning with slogans and logos.

Election care Digital Media Campaign Features
  • 1. Website Designed - Website is like an eye-proof on your identity or on the Internet, in which your lifestyle, election manifesto, your videos and ideas and blogs are written. In today’s time, almost all the leaders are engaged in getting their website built. Through this, a separate identity is created in your internet.
  • 2. Bulk SMS Advertise - Through Bulk SMS service, we are able to make good contact with voters of the area. Our team takes care of proper equations in sending bulk SMS. My team is known for reaching more voters in minutes and for sending appropriate messages to voters.
  • 3. Audio Conference - Through the audio conferencing call, we can talk to your companions and your party workers in each booth together in your elected area from time to time. It is not necessary for the front to have internet. In today’s technological age, many politicians are using it.
  • 4. Video Conference - Through the video conferencing call, we can talk to your fellow and your party workers in each booth together through the video call in your elected area. In this technological age of today, elections are also being fought with technology. Today, many politicians are using it in the world.
  • 5. Through Webinar - We show your gathering together on digital platform through Webinar. You can address several thousand of your people simultaneously with your video. In today’s time, many political parties are using this domain in many state elections.
  • 6. Update Voter About Daily News - Transparency is very important in the election campaign process. That is why we reach out to you for daily electoral news and publicity information to potential voters. By doing this, our relations with voters get better.
  • 7. Voters Feedback Management - In this management, responses are received by the members of our professional team on the responses from the voters. It also ensures that no voter has any problem with our answer. All the reactions that come in this management are also recorded, so that we can improve our election.
  • 8. Voters Manifesto Learning Point Ads - In this process, the voters of the area keep reminding them of the promises made in their election manifesto from time to time. This process is done under digital media.
  • 9. Voice Call (OBD) - Our team is committed to providing this domain with your voice to the right place and voters. Through this domain, we can send millions of calls in a minute.
  • 10. Social Media Ads - Through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linden), people in the area have to create a positive image towards you through cash promotion in your elected area.
  • 11. WhatsApp Message Campaign - whatsApp is the most used message application in the world today. We know how to deliver your message in logo through wholesale whatsApp Campaign.
  • 12. Cost Effected - Digital media campaign is completely cost effective, mainly because in this campaign, wide reach of all voters works together through bulk message of all services.

How Digital Campaign for Politician in INDIA is helpful?

Unlike the Traditional campaigning, Digital political campaigns is a cool option that allows a political campaign to target the required audience in an economical manner. No wonder Digital Marketing for political campaigns in India has left traditional political campaign far behind; but essential component – mixer of both will naturally provide best result. Digital marketing political campaigns helps in creating an aura for the candidate before he meets his potential voters. Due to political social media activities, the voters are well aware about the candidate (beforehand) and so it facilitates the candidate’s easy acceptance by the voters.

Customizing the Targeted Messages

  • At ZSDIGITAL, for political campaigns in India, we make use of the digital data and the accessible tools to customize the messages as per the values upheld by the targeted audience in order to add to the voters base
  • At ZSDIGITAL, we also optimize the dynamic resources in an intelligent manner so that your ads get the most favourable of the responses.

Beating Voter Ads Burnout with Sequencing

Voters, like any other audiences, get tired of the repeated ads. However, the digitally advanced political ads often employ the cross device analysis and the tracking abilities so that the voters do not get tired that quickly. At ZSDIGITAL, we make use of the cutting-edge technology that employs adserving ways. It helps manage the adsequencing in an effective manner.Though, it has been customary for the campaigns to depend on the ads that had been paid for, the crowd attracting Social Media has made the unlimited free of cost advertising feasible. The Social Media provides highly attractive platforms for the same.

Digital Media Election Campaign Management

The digital media campaign process is one of the most effective and powerful tools. In today’s time, digital media campaign is being given priority by the right political parties to reach more and more people. The main reason for this is to reach people in less time through digital media. In the last two Parliament elections, how has the election been fought under digital media campaign inside India. This proves that digital medium is seen as an important contribution for politicians to reach their destination.

The team at Election Care works with a digital media campaign to focus on ways to fight elections. Through this, you can convey your thoughts to the people of your area in a very short time and can also convey your message to the public on the daily activities that are done in the election time. The digital media campaign is emerging as a fight in the political arena. In today’s time, all the parties are engaged in competing to increase their followers and reach the public by joining the digital media campaign

Digital media has generally attracted public attention and it has a direct impact on the public mind. The digital media campaign works in a way on what the voter thinks about the political person. In today’s election, digital media acts as an exchange of ideas on religious warfare. Through digital media, you can show yourself better than others in public. And in election time, by raising the major issues of the constituency, they can also get benefit from the public. With digital media campaign, your good image can be created among the public.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?
Technically evolving technology in the whole world has become a habit in almost everyone’s life today. Therefore, due to so much space of users, this is the cheapest way to become popular nowadays.
What is the impact of digital marketing in elections?
Digital marketing has a good impact in the choice. It helps you in deciding your future in your election. On the one hand, in a short time, people get to share their views and at the same time, there is a better tool for publicity. You can see the impact of digital marketing in the last 2014 and 2019 elections.
How early should digital marketing begin?
If you are a politician, then you should always work on digital marketing. However, for better performance in your election, you should take these services with you at least 3 months in advance.
How much does it cost in digital marketing?
Digital marketing costs you according to the services you use.

Door To Door Survey/ Campaign and Road Show

Electioncare Door to Door Survey We can do this through many survey methods. Our campaign gets a flight through the door to door survey. Through this survey / campaign we also have a database of our political field ready. At the same time, the popularity of our candidate also affects voters. While conducting a poll through door to door survey, we can assess the following points.

  • Name and mobile number of each family head
  • Assessing caste support in the area
  • Candidate’s favor and opposition on the basis of area and family
  • Keeping the social media in mind, keeping the social media user in touch with them constantly
  • Assessing the effective issue of the area according to the family
  • Assessing the family during the tenure of the Representative
  • Database of political activists who are related to different political parties will be ready
  • Effective people holding their hold in the logo (such as head, fire, doctor, teacher, lawyer, priest, owner of a factory, key person operating social organization) etc.

Door to Door benefits of surveys

  • The voter list also becomes clear (through verification) from the door to door survey through the electoral roll. We can discuss the names of the required voters in our area
  • Databases received from door to door surveys can be able to build a very strong hold (via social media, SMS, Voicecall) through IT services.
Why choose Zsdigital for Digital Media Election campaign?

Zsdigital has a large and influential team of professional scholars in digital marketing campaigns. This serves to enable you to please good digital election campaign. We are one of the renowned election management companies in the country. Our promise is always to reach our customer to their goal.

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