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Big Data Analytics Services for Digital Transformation

Make analytical processes faster and more efficient with real-time Big data analytics.

Architecture Analysis

  • Analyzing the app and its needs along with business requirements
  • Consulting on improvements and automation
  • Building a plan for on-prem to cloud migration
  • Designing solutions for a cloud-native app
  • Creating an infrastructure upgrade roadmap
  • Getting an action plan on future improvements.

Architecture Improvement

  • Implementing best practices and automation processes into the existing infrastructure
  • Automating all manual processes with CI/CD pipelines to reduce the cost of operation and minimize human errors
  • Building robust and scalable infrastructure including on-prem integration on demand
  • Implementing serverless solutions to reduce the cost of infrastructure and improve the overall performance of the application.

Big Data Pipelines

  • Designing Big data analytics software solutions based on business requirements
  • Developing, testing, evaluating and maintaining Big data analytics tools Preparing data for analysis including cleaning, data quality checks, and merging data to the single point of analysis
  • Building event-based infrastructure for data processing
  • End-to-end solutions including delivery to required Data Warehouses (including on-prem).

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Processing the data to the point of analysis with all data points required
  • Preparing reports for stakeholders, including insights and predictions
  • Creating custom algorithms for specific client’s needs
  • Visualizing all reports and insights
  • Creating visual dashboards, including deployments to the client’s side.
  • Getting an action plan on future improvements.

Big Data Analytics Use Cases

Implement robust analytical capabilities to solve your challenges across the industries and amplify your decision support at each business stage.

How We Help Scale Up Your Business

Create data stories and generate transformative insights to be ahead of the competition.


Data Management

Let our experts show you the power of high-quality data. As a leading Big data analytics company, we guide our clients in maintaining a robust data framework. Our team of engineers has deep expertise in ingesting, storing, and organizing your corporate data through cutting-edge functionality.


Data Warehouse Services

Request our big data analytics consulting services to ensure your data consistency. We assist our clients in a full suite of DWH practices, including implementation, upgrades, and migration of data warehouses. InData Labs’ engineers can also build a full-fledged DWH solution or consult on optimizing current DWH performance.


DataOps for Enterprise Data Management

We merge best agile practices with data analytics to enable your data transformation journey. Our DataOps services allow companies to automate and streamline data flows, unleashing relevant insights. DataOps implementation also renovates the data life cycle, from data retrieval to analysis by creating a unified flow of data.


Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

Business Intelligence and analytics services at InData Labs help our clients transform data into smart visualizations. We leverage robust BI solutions and build bespoke platforms to amplify the intelligence lifeblood of your business. Make informed decisions with our BI services and handle end-to-end processes from data storage to delivery.


Artificial Intelligence for Big Data

We link your data ecosystem with intelligent algorithms to unearth actionable insights and automate decision-making. Smart systems also allow you to leverage advanced analytics capabilities like augmented or predictive analytics and process vast stores of data. At InData Labs, we build all types of AI functionality - from deep learning models to Robotic Process Automation.


Data Science

InData Labs renders data science services with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning seamlessly baked into it. Our team of expert data scientists creates powerful analytical modules to address your data challenges. Respond more effectively to market changes and customer needs with our data science expertise.

How You Can Benefit from It

Get the most of your data oceans with data engineering and advanced analytics.

Enhanced decision-making

Eliminate the tedious guesswork and take informed steps into the future.

Optimize costs

Real-time forecasting and monitoring for higher ROI and revenues.

Proactive problem-solving

Identify the potential roots of failures and asset breakdowns in real-time.

Enhanced customer experience

Generate personalized customer offers based on behavior.

Advanced analytic capabilities

High-level methods and tools to project future trends.

Risk mitigation

Minimized risks by optimizing complex decisions at scale and speed.

Why Work With InData Labs?

We put customer satisfaction at the center of our services.

Team of Experts

A team of 80+ experts will take care of your Big data project and create a robust data-focused solution tailored to your needs.

Leading Big Data Vendor

Being a top-rated Big data and analytics cloud consultant, InData Labs assists various industries in hassle-free data transformation.

High-Grade Solutions

No matter the complexity, we keep the bar high and deliver performant, value-laden solutions with innovative functionality.

Cooperation models


We’ll provide you with a scalable, external team of qualified IOT

Our machine learning and data engineering experts can partner up with your existing team when you need to scale up your project.



We’ll take care of the entire project for you, from development to deployment.

Implementing machine learning has never been so effortless. Our team will take charge of the product scope and the whole development process, building iterative prototypes and integrating the final ML solution into your existing infrastructure for you.


Consulting &

We’ll suggest the best IOT solutions to unlock the value of

Following an in-depth analysis of your current capacities and business needs, we will provide you with guidelines on what machine learning model, application, and architecture can best help you achieve your business goals.

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